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Getting Over My Fear of Taking Photos (and posting them)

Do you like taking photos?

I love taking photos too!

…just not of myself…

When I first started my business, I thought I could remain mysterious.

You know, some people manage to stay kind of anonymous on social media, which leaves a lot of us wondering, who could they be? What do they look like?

This was actually something that helped push me over the edge in creating my business social media accounts. I thought: Heck, I can just post as the owner of my business without people having to see me.

To be honest, I wasn’t much of a social media buff to begin with. I rarely used my personal accounts, aside from the occasional story or post update (usually of food).

In my industry, it seemed pretty normal to stay “anonymous” because translators typically attract more introverted people. I’m not saying I’m necessarily an introvert; I’m right on the line.

My point is I didn’t see a lot of other people in my industry posting selfies of themselves all over social media. Therefore, I didn’t think that there was a need for me to do so.

But as I started to force myself to roll out social media posts on a regular basis, I realized something – people weren’t really interacting with me.

Now, you might be thinking: Well, that’s because you were just starting out. Social media is a marathon, not a sprint.

And you’d be right. But then I did more research, and it turns out that people are naturally more attracted to photos of people.

No, I don’t have amazing statistics to share with you, like reactions to my posts increased by 500%.

Nope, but I did notice a higher response rate.

Anyway, since the budding moments of my social media life, I’ve come a long way – well for me.

So, in case someone more introverted, or camera shy, or just not much into social media – whatever you want to call it – is reading this, I want to share some insights on how to get over this entrepreneurial road bump.

4 Tips to Get Over Your Photo Fear

1. Dress like you

When we see photos of influencers or other entrepreneurs online, we typically only see people wearing name-brand items with caked-on makeup.

The actuality is, you don’t need to look fancy or high-end. You just need to wear something that feels like you.

You don’t need to wear thick layers of makeup and fake eyelashes. You just need to do what makes you feel your best.

2. Don’t be judgey

I have a problem with perfectionism, and I tend to start judging even before I’ve started.

I think I speak the truth when I say that I’m not the only one.

We often feel embarrassed or awkward in front of the camera and instantly start criticizing ourselves because we think that we should look fabulous from the get-go.

But this isn’t reality. So, why do we expect it from ourselves?

Like everything, taking pictures takes practice. Once I got this in my head, I was able to accept all the not-so-pretty pictures during my at-home photoshoots.

3. Be yourself

Yes, taking inspiration from others who do something well is highly recommended.

What’s not recommended is trying to copy someone else.

Oftentimes when we feel uncomfortable doing something new, we think we should just imitate another successful person in the field.

This is a big no-no because you’re losing what sets you apart – YOU!

Sure, do a couple of seated “boss-woman/man” photos. They always look great.

However, also try some poses that aren’t poses, but rather something you would normally do.

This could be a silly face or a gesture – whatever it is, it has to represent YOU.

Not only will this give your audience a better glimpse into the kind of person you are, it helps:

  • relax you to help you take even more amazing photos.

  • exude a unique vibe that others don’t have.

  • catch the attention of your target audience.

4. Simply start

Occasionally, I tell myself over and over I’ll get to it. I’ll do it soon.

This is actually a lie.

I just like telling myself this because it glosses over the truth: I’m afraid to do the thing.

So, whatever your biggest motivator is, channel it and get moving.

Better now than later. Better now than never.

If not, you’ll be kicking yourself later for all the time you’ve lost.

Just remember you can do it!


It’s a general misconception that younger generations simply love taking photos all the time.

Taking photos used to be a dreaded activity that just needed to be done, but now with more practice, I almost look forward to it.

My photos are by no means perfect or super professional (I mean, I do them with my iPhone), but I’m still proud of the results.

Mainly, I’m proud that I’ve overcome another road bump in my entrepreneurial journey.

I hope you feel motivated and empowered after reading this to get started with your own photo-taking.

Remember: You can do it and don’t forget to have fun!