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How to Increase Engagement with Your Brand

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You’re looking to increase engagement with your customer base? What if I told you it’s a single step that doesn’t involve the words social media stats and a lot of graphs?

Here, we’ll talk about one simple method for increasing brand engagement for your business, whether it’s on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or your website.

Why Your Content Isn’t Getting Much Response

So, you’ve been hearing that to achieve higher audience engagement, your content needs to be aimed at the right audience, provide value, use the right medium (video, podcast, blog, books, emails, etc.), and include certain keywords…

All of that is, of course, important. However, what a lot of these articles or experts miss is that audiences like to be engaged in their own language.

You may have a great video and thought-provoking content, but if it takes too much effort to engage with it, the viewer will just give up.

Social media posts too – one of the top five reasons people use social media is to stay up to date with friends, find entertaining content, and fill up spare time. In other words, it’s used more for relaxation where the brain doesn’t need to be working too hard. If users have to constantly try to “focus” on the content, they’ll most likely end up scrolling by.

But, my customers are bilingual

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Now, you might be thinking:

But, there are places where people are bilingual. Many Germans, for example, can understand basic English. People in Singapore also do business in English. Surely, everyone's language skills are good enough to read short bits of content.

However, research results concluded by CSA Research in which they surveyed consumers in 29 different countries, including China and Germany, indicate otherwise.

“Our 2020 findings show that if a company chooses to not localize the buying experience they risk losing 40% or more of the total addressable market […]."

Tolerance ≠ Purchase

Despite roughly two-thirds of these individuals tolerating having to navigate a website not in their native language, a whopping 40% of them would decline to make a purchase due to the language barrier. This might have a little something to do with brand transparency and trust.

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It may or may not also surprise you to hear that many of these consumers rely on machine translations to understand your content. In fact, two of three customers use automated translations when deciphering company or product information.

Do you really want to leave your brand’s message in the hands of the likes of Google translator?

Although making rapid progress, there is persuasive evidence indicating that machines can’t yet translate nuanced language.

Understanding is Everything

Your audiences desire content in their own language so much that 67% of them would put up with mixed language content. That means you can focus on providing translations for your most important content.

When considering what to translate or transcreate and what not to consider that 73% of your consumers would prefer product information in their own language. As a matter of fact, when deciding between a cheaper and more expensive product, some consumers would even opt for the more expensive one if it is offered in their own language. Native language content not only increases the likelihood of a purchase but enhances the overall consumer experience.

And need I remind you that happy customers are much more likely to recommend your product?

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What to do

No, I’m not going to tell you to invest thousands in translating all of your business content. I will, however, say that according to the findings, translating some content is better than translating no content.

If you’re a small business on a budget, consider what content is most useful for your target audiences.

Does your product come with extensive directions? Does your audience prefer to interact with you on social media? Would your viewers like your videos to come with subtitles that aren’t awkwardly and automatically generated?

If you’re looking into expanding into a new market or improving your presence in that market, consider whether you need to invest in creating new and localized content specific to your audience. Afterall, not all materials translate well into another cultural setting.

Do you have tips on how to better engage a customer base? Share your expertise and experience below.